Discover the simplicity of building your own NFT economy.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Who We Are

Harmonic Technology Guild is a partnership LLC, transitioning to become a democratic decentralized autonomous organization. We are focused on building a suite of NFT utilities for musicians, artists and daily internet users. We are undertaking development of custom NFT marketplaces, NFT distribution technologies, and NFT-based digital community tools. Everything we do has an eye to environmental sustainability and carbon negativity, with specific offerings in that vein coming soon. With our partners at Minting Music and Charm3d, we aim to bring transparency and meritocracy to the music industry by implementing the many benefits of Web3. We develop, coordinate, and work in sub-DAOs which operate many of our projects. Join Harmonic and help us build a better internet for everyone.

What We Do

Custom Marketplaces

Marketplaces are our bread and butter. We build marketplaces for artists, music business developers, NFT promotion groups, co-ops, and other NFT tech companies. We will build an NFT Marketplace that looks just like your existing website.


A membership NFTs platform for your community. Enrollmint is our first DAO of DAOs collaborative product. We are building it with Arroz Studios, Charm3d and VanDAO. Give members of your community access to limitless opportunities powered by NFTs.

NFT utilities

We are building smart contract driven utilities for your NFT holders. Ranging from NFT gated access to premium web content, discord channels etc to an ability to rent out an NFT and earn passive income. We are building smart contracts for complex and programmable royalty arrangements for music and art industry.

Onboarding & Airdrops

Employing our close partners in the Near ecosystem including we administer as seamless an onboarding process as possible. We set your fans up with wallets, send them a small amount of Near to be able to transact with, and send them your NFTs.

Meet The Team

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Let's build the web 3 revolution. Together, we can give power back to creatives and creators.

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I am just lucky to build the decentralised version of the web. Power to the people.

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I'm an experienced front end developer who isn't scared of the back end.



Many people use apps. But only a few create them. Writing code is a privilege.